taking the words of Jesus seriously

“You and I are legatees of Martin Luther King, and really we need to say quite explicitly, as Christians, we are going to be viewed as anti-American, anti-patriotic. Martin Luther King was called the same thing. Dorothy Day was called the same thing. Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel was called the same thing…”

-Dr. Cornel West

I am so thankful for the poetic words and witness of brother Cornel West.

If you have yet to hear Cornel West and Tavis Smiley’s conversation on Obama’s response to the assassination of Bin Laden it is a must.

Thanks to my mate Wes Howard Brook who rang today and asked if I had listened yet.

Below are some great quotes from the conversation which you must listen to! Underneath the quotes is a link to the interview itself:

“Justice does not come out of the barrel of a gun.”

“I am just not convinced that through killing and more murder that you can stop the killing and more murder.”

“I don’t believe in moral regeneration through violence, or the ethical revitalization through the celebration of violence.”

“You and I take seriously the legacy of Martin Luther King…it means then that we must be dissenting voices in the middle of a moment of such self celebration and self congratulation, to say quite explicitly that justice does not come out the barrel of a gun.”

“So when the President says ‘justice was done’, no, no, no, no. It was retaliation and revenge. Now, there is a sweetness in revenge because people are hurt. People are wounded. But we must be spiritually mature enough to know that justice cuts much deeper than that. And that’s what Martin Luther King Jr. has been trying to tell us.”

“There is not justice on this side of the Jordan in this sense; that you are never going to get back what you lost.”

“War is the enemy of the poor.”

Click here to listen to the full interview. . .Enjoy!!

Jarrod McKenna is the National Advisor for Youth, Faith and Activism for World Vision Australia. He is a peace award winning founder of EPYC and co-founder of the Peace Tree Intentional Community in Perth. You can follow him on Twitter here.

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Australian pastor and social change educator, Jarrod McKenna, has been described by Rev. Jim Lawson, as “an expert in nonviolent social change.” Jarrod is the Founding Director of CommonGrace.org.au, a co-initiator of the #LoveMakesAWay movement for refugee rights and is a co-founder of the global GazaCeasefirePilgrimage.com movement. Jarrod pastors with Steeple Church in Melbourne and Table in the Trees in Perth, and is the co-founder of the InVerse Podcast and Collective with Dr Drew Hart. He is living on Wadjuk Noongar land, found on most maps as Perth, Australia, with the love of his life Kathleen and their boys.

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