Liturgy in the Time of COVID

These days, my emotions are not a reliable source.  They are up and down and back and forth and all over the place, telling me stories and lies and leading me down all sorts of rabbit holes.   I don’t need emotional authenticity—I need something solid.  I need a touchstone to ground me. I don’t need high-energy, emotional worship; I need liturgy.  
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Let Us Pray. . .Together

A few years ago, a bunch of activist-types and a bunch of prayer-warriors got together to create a prayer book with the goal of bringing together the bible and the newspaper. We were all convinced that praye...
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Common Prayer for Communities

After several years of working with scores of communities, liturgy experts, artists, and musicians,  my brothers Shane Claiborne, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove and Enuma Okoro are excited to announce that Commo...