When Faith Means Reciting a Social Script: What is a Christian?

Reciting A Social Script

MAY 25, 2014 BY: JEREMY JOHN — Belief is social performance. We believe we believe something when we tell others we believe it. I’ve always…

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Noah, Magic, and Poetry: What is a Christian?

Noah Magic And Poetry

MAY 18, 2014 | BY: JEREMY JOHN — I have always believed in magic. Perhaps I believe in magic because I would be bored by a world…

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Lent: Falling in Love With the Ordinary

Lent Jeremy John

MAR 16, 2014 | BY: JEREMY JOHN — Lent is an extraordinary time to establish our joys in the everyday. We give those things…

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Praying for a Holistic Food Movement in the Household of God

Holistic Food Movement

BY: JEREMY JOHN — If we’re going to reform our nation’s unsustainable agricultural system, we’re going to need to tackle economic…

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Is the Kingdom of God Built of Vegetables?

Kingdom Of God Built On Vegetables

BY: JEREMY JOHN — Vegetables. Who could have imagined an economy in which gentle vegetables were subversive?

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Physical Churches: Do They Matter Anymore?

Micah Bales asked a deep question. He suggests that the wealth in property we’ve inherited is hindering our work for …

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Social Location at Wild Goose

At Wild Goose, I was humbled to be among justice-seeking Christians seeking to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. I …

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