Michael Sam: I Got Your Back

Michael Sam AP Photo

FEB 10, 2014 | BY: JIMMY SPENCER JR. — When University of Missouri All-American football player Michael Sam announced that he would…

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Excerpt: The Nature of Religion (Love Without Agenda)

RED LETTER BOOK CLUB | BY: JIMMY SPENCER JR. — Religion has a bad reputation—and rightly so. Religion controls. Religion coerces…

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Picking Up My Drum: what this white guy learned from Uncle Richard

Richard Twiss Photo

BY: JIMMY SPENCER JR. — Thank you Uncle Richard for gathering me to your community. I honor your life as an Elder. I celebrate your life…

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4th Anniversary of Dobson’s “Letter from 2012 in Obama’s America”

James Dobson1

BY: JIMMY SPENCER JR. — Today is the four year anniversary of the Focus on the Family Action’s release of a “Letter…

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Let Them Eat Cake

That’s what she said. It wasn’t out of malice or even hard-heartedness that Marie Antoinette supposedly uttered these now infamous …

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Painting Fences and Making Names

Tom Brokaw called them the greatest generation. My grandfathers were a proud part of a generation that fought Hitler, saved …

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Whose Death Does God Cheer?

Bin Laden Death

BY: JIMMY SPENCER JR. — I’m not a pacifist—but I do not celebrate the death of another human. Even Osama bin Laden…

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