taking the words of Jesus seriously


A trumpet now sounds
A horn now beckons
For all to break free
From Babylon
The word has been sent
From the most holy mountain
And found echo in the depths
Of the unending seas

Rejoice all ye chosen messengers
Awake from your hours
Of monotone slumber
For Deity now withdraws
The great shroud of unknowing
The shackles are starting to tremble
And your breath brings the winds
Of Armageddon
Dance around the falling walls
And once again the earth
Will join you in your shaking
False idols falling
Monuments quaking
And the richness of creation
Will be galantly restored
And you –
You are the trumpets
And you –
You are the ringing
Life is awaiting your stand.


An unspoken leap from Jesus to Paul
Forbidden by most to make sense of it all
Though Christ never knew him or spoke of his name
Christians treat Paul’s words and Christ’s as the same
John the Baptist said Jesus was coming
Jesus came and John humbly bowed
Jesus didn’t say that Paul was coming
But Paul did come and the Christians have bowed
Now I honor Paul as a child of God
A divine image just like you and I
But I give no allegiance to any religion
That equal his teachings to One who has died
And risen and reigns over all living things
Who makes galaxies shine and wild oceans sing
Who judges with mercy and kindness and grace
Who’ll come back again to fix up this place.

Poet Joe McCullough is a lover of all things living. He currently resides in Deptford, NJ.

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