Red Letter Christians partnered with artist Kelly Latimore of Kelly Latimore Icons to create this new icon, “Christ in the Rubble,” which illustrates the prophetic message that if Jesus was born today, he would be born “under the rubble.”

Kelly wants his art to be a ‘holy pondering’—a process that potentially brings about a new way of seeing. This Advent, while global Christians prepare to commemorate the arrival of the Prince of Peace, our Palestinian kin in Gaza suffer unthinkable violence. Their cries for deliverance, echoing those of two millennia ago, seem to be falling unheard in the United States.

Our hope is that this icon, “Christ in the Rubble” will create more dialogue among Christians in the United States during this holy season about the ways our beliefs and actions – or lack thereof – contribute to the violence we’re currently witnessing in Gaza. How can we shape a culture of Christianity where love truly has no boundaries? How do we create a world where our poor, homeless, refugee, Palestinian Savior – born to a teenage mother and later condemned to death – would be cherished had he been born today. 

“By transcending our biases, listening, and having inner silence about our convictions, our inherited traditions, or our favorite ideas, we can become open to the patterns of work, knowledge and experience we may not have seen in the other or buried in ourselves.”

Kelly Latimore

All the donations Red Letter Christians collects from the sale of these prints will be donated to trusted Red Letter Christians partners working for peace on the ground in Gaza. Thank you. 

EDIT – signed prints are now no longer available thanks to overwhelming support and demand. THANK YOU to everyone who has given. Donations for our partners in Gaza are welcomed and encouraged. We raised over $100,000 for Gaza in less than a week – it wouldn’t be possible without your support.

All people, churches, organizations, etc. are warmly welcomed and encouraged to share the digital version of Kelly Latimore’s “Christ in the Rubble” on social media and on their website, particularly during the Christmas season.