Social Media and the Gospel

As a woman who lives and breathes ministry, I often face fierce opposition when it comes to my case for Christ. But I am also not surprised or shocked at the opposition as it is to be expected. But after completing my first women’s workshop and door to door ministry, logging onto the internet has become a daunting task. I …

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The Cup of Sorrow

Last Sunday, I was watching our pastor’s wife teach the children about one the most emotional parts of the gospel. …

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Christmas: The Season of Grieving

Christmas is known for being the season of giving, good cheer and peace with all men. It’s where families come …

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Santa – Our Imaginary Friend

One of the tough decisions that all Christians have to face when we accept Christ is to embrace truth and reject …

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At The Corner of Injustice, Exploitation and Corruption

Growing up as a product of the system as well as working in the inner city, I experienced and witnessed …

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The Biblical Version of Occupy Wall Street

As I followed the media coverage on the revolts in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and now even America with Occupy Wall …

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