Seeing White Privilege


Not a day passes that I don’t notice the subtle benefits afforded to me simply by virtue of being born white.

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Moms Speak Truth: Listening in a Season of Lament


We’re inviting moms across the country to share, in 30-90 seconds, what it’s like to be raising your boy right now.

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Doing Good Without Giving Up by Ben Lowe

Ben LoweNP

Running for Congress at age twenty-five, Ben Lowe seized the opportunity to meet voters waiting for their morning trains into the city.

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38 Minutes to See What’s Behind Ferguson, MO


It’s helped me begin to see what’s happening in Ferguson, MO. Not what’s on the news, but what’s weighing on their souls when they hear the news that one more black man has been gunned down by law enforcement.

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Why hasn’t any President since Lyndon B. Johnson made ending hunger and poverty a national priority?

Krisanne Murphy

APRIL 7, 2014 | BY: MARGOT STARBUCK — I recently met Krisanne Vaillancourt Murphy at the Pittsburgh airport. She’s the Interim…

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Why I Get Credit Card Applications for

Fred Phelps On Deathbed

MAR 17, 2014 | BY: MARGOT STARBUCK — January 7, 2011, I sent my husband an email at work: “Hey, will you send me an…

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Prisons “Overwhelmingly Filled With People of Color”: Just or Unjust?

Jonathan Brooks

MAR 3, 2014 | BY: MARGOT STARBUCK — Broken family structure and the broken education system fail many of our children daily.  However, society still…

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