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As you read yesterday, this weekend marks three years since Red Letter Christians went live on the World Wide Web. Tomorrow, December 8 is the specific date back in 2010.

There’s no way we’d be where we are today without the intense loyalty and continuous contributions from some of our most frequent authors. Altogether over 160 people have written for RLC but I’d like to take a few moments to highlight a few who’ve continually written and submitted articles, dealt with my tardy responses, not been offended when one of their pieces wasn’t used, and who’ve championed RLC to their own networks. Thank you!

Margot Starbuck – Margot helped get RLC going. I met Margot my first week on the job and she immediately asked how she could help. One of her first emails contained ten, TEN, submissions that I could use anytime I needed. For a person new to the industry with an unfamiliar brand, Margot was a true blessing! And she continues to write for us today, handling the weekly series, “The Red Carpet.”

Kurt Willems – Kurt’s articles were the first that brought current events to the forefront of RLC. His initial pieces on the May 21st Rapture and Being an Evangelical Reject were immensely popular and he leant of his already well-known blog, “The Pangea Blog, ” to contribute to RLC. Plus Kurt is hilarious and deeply encouraging!

Morf Morford – I wish I remembered how Morf and I got connected. I assume it was through an email exchange but there have been so many of them over the years that I can’t quite remember. Anyways, Morf is another fearless and frequent contributor who probably deals with my tardiness in email reply the most. He’s gracious and insightful and authors articles that can range from politics to slowing down and seeing the world around you.

Christian Piatt – Christian has become a good friend over these three years. He’s been a connector whose introduced me, and RLC readers in general, to numerous authors that I may never have encountered otherwise. Further, two of his series have been some of the most read on RLC: “Seven Reasons Why Young Adults Quit Church” and “10 Cliches Christians Should Never Use.” And he always has a cowboy hat on – even better!

Shane Claiborne – Since day one, Shane has helped form the vision, direction, and content of RLC. He’s taken many phone calls, answered countless emails, and met face to face frequently to help guide RLC and me. He’s done more than he ever had to and more than anyone will ever know about. Plus he’s written some beautiful and challenging pieces and shared his platform, both online and when speaking.

I know that such a list certainly leaves other immensely important people out. Please forgive me for any such omission and know that each contribution to RLC has allowed us to get to where we are today.

I can’t be grateful enough. Thank you.

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